Coastal Scents Travel Combo

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Coastal Scents
    Coastal Scents Travel Combo
    CiTiSCAPE Travel Brush Set
    Conquer any look you may envision anywhere, any time, with this ultra stylish travel companion. This seven piece, beautifully-crafted, red, wooden handled brush set comes in a variety of high quality natural and synthetic bristles.
    This set includes the following brushes:
    – Bent Liner (Synthetic)
    – Angled Liner (Synthetic)
    – Concealer (Synthetic)
    – Detail Round (Natural Pony)
    – Eye Shadow (Natural Pony)
    – Blender (Natural Goat)
    – Angled Blush (Natural Goat)
    Length : 10.88″ (27.64 cm)
    Width : 6.25″ (15.88 cm)
    Height : 0.50″ (1.27sm)
    Net Weight        0.3125
    Length : 5.13″ (13.03 cm)
    Width : 6.25″ (15.88 cm)
    Height : 0.75″ (1.91 cm)
    Coastal Scents Passion Berry Lip Quad
    Our mouth-watering Passion Berry Lip Quad contains four highly pigmented shades ranging from pale pink to deep plum. These shades are firm, comparable to lip stick and can be applied using the dual end foam tip applicator or with any lip brush in your collection. You can add sheer or shimmery lip-gloss for a high shine effect. The sleek black, mirrored compact is ideal for on-the-go touch ups.
    Go Palette London
    Transport yourself…among the streets of London and unleash your royal beauty with our London Go Palette. Inspired by England’s capital city, this palette is an assortment of twelve highly-pigmented matte and shimmer shadows. Achieve a princess-worthy day or night, look effortlessly elegant with neutrals, majestic purples, and valiant blues. The shadows are contained in our matte black, Coastal Scents logo imprinted palette, and equipped with a mirror for convenience.
    Palette : 3.22″ x 3.31″ x 0.62″ (8.2cm x 8.4cm x 1.6cm)
    Mirror : 2.72″ x 2.72″ (6.9cm x 6.9cm)
    Eye Shadow Pot Diameter : 0.62″ (1.6cm)
    Net Weight        8.0g / 0.28oz

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